Friday, May 20, 2011

San Francisco Fishing Boats–Details

Boats at Fishermans Wharf San Francisco-9

This will be my final post featuring the San Francisco waterfront and I thought to turn it into an explanation of my approach to photographing a place I am visiting.  In one sense, you could view this as part of my approach for creativity.

The recent photography of the San Francisco fishing fleet and Fisherman’s Wharf were generally wide angle or landscape type photographs.  Those featured here are more detailed photographs – filling the frame with the details of the fishing boats and gear.  This represents part of my approach to improving my creativity.

Boats at Fishermans Wharf San Francisco-5

More specifically here is part of my routine:

  1. Shoot what I’m looking at – generally wide angle
  2. Get closer and shoot details – fill the frame
  3. Get even closer and shoot smaller details
  4. Find a high angle and shoot down
  5. Find a low angle and shoot up
  6. Turn around and look at what is behind me
  7. Wait – photography is often about patience – give your eye time to see something interesting

Boats at Fishermans Wharf San Francisco-6

This may seem simplistic, but when this is part of your process of shooting, new and interesting compositions will present themselves.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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