Monday, May 2, 2011

Minimalism–Foggy Field at Point Arenas California

Foggy Field at Point Arenas

A common approach I have seen among photographers that are attracted to landscape minimalism can be demonstrated with this photograph of a foggy field adjacent to Point Arenas California.  Here are the characteristics I have seen as most common:

  1. A somewhat strong foreground that serves as an anchor, but has no real focal point.
  2. A distinct, yet not bold subject.  In this case, the trees on the bottom 1/3 line along with the cliff edges toward the right on the lower 1/3 line.
  3. Layered background.  Notice how the ground, trees, cliffs, and distant trees form layers that are highlighted or distinguished by the luminous fog.
  4. Empty (or negative) space – in this case the sky beginning just below the midpoint and extending through the top of the photograph.

I am not proposing this as a formula, but just a recognition of common patterns I have observed.

Have fun and go make some great photography.


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