Sunday, May 22, 2011

Minimalist Photography–Checkout John A Downey Photography II

This Way

If you type “minimalism” in the handy search bar at the upper left corner of this page, you will find that for some time I have been exploring the idea of minimalist photography.  Different people have different views of what this means.  For me, I am happy to continue exploring it and defining it on my terms.  In other words, I am experimenting to define what minimalism in photography means to me along with what works, and what does not work.

Walking in the Fog

Extremely helpful to this exploration are my conversations with good friend and fellow photographer John Downey (John A Downey II Photography).  John recently posted a couple of articles featuring some excellent minimalist photography:

You Go Your Way

I refer you to John’s work for several reasons.  If you are exploring any particular form of photography, there are a few things that can be very helpful:

  1. Look at work of people who are doing similar work; it can help you refine your preferences as well as provide inspiration.
  2. Discuss with a friend – critique and refinement of your approach through dialogue (i.e. my discussions with John) with a good friend can be revealing and very helpful.
  3. Shoot – shoot a lot – then take some time to think about it with a friend.  Collaboration is fun!
  4. Take your time – you are not in a race to define your style or approach.  I know John agrees with me on this; it is all about the process of getting there, not the destination.

I am confident you will see and hear more about my exploration of minimalism.  Stand by for more fun.

Have fun and go make some great photography,


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  1. Craig, your comments and photos are excellent as usual -- but where is the result? What have you discovered/decided about minimalism?