Sunday, October 18, 2009

F1 in Abu Dhabi

F1 on the Corniche-2
No, this is not a Bridgestone commercial.  However, if Bridgestone wants to throw a couple of tickets to the Abu Dhabi F1 race in November my way, I won’t complain.  I am just starting a couple week stay in Abu Dhabi, and as is my routine I was out and about looking for some good photography opportunities.  With the coming big F1 event in Abu Dhabi, these are my results.
On November 1st, Abu Dhabi hosts it’s first Formula 1 race.  And trust me, they are rabid about the race.  In normal form, Abu Dhabi does nothing half way, and has invested an unfathomable amount in this race include a superbly design course and all the accoutrements (plus some) that go along with such an event and venue.
F1 on the Corniche
So this post is a small homage to the love affair between Abu Dhabi and the upcoming F1 event.
For the photography folks in the crowd, both shots were HDR taken with my love (the 50mm) and taken affixed atop my newly acquired gorilla-pod (a small flexible tripod that can attach to just about anything, or stand on it’s own).
Have fun, and go make some great photography.

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