Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tilt Shift Photography

Brookly Bridge TS
I have been very busy lately with travel and a number of events that have kept me from posting at my normal pace.  The up side is that the travel involved a whole bunch of photography that will soon make it to the blog.  I continue to explore HDR, and I think you will like the results.
CGA Football 1 TS
This post is focused (or unfocused) on tilt shift photography.  Tilt shift photography refers to a form of photography that uses a unique lens that allows movement of the lens on two planes; rotation of the lens relative to the image plane (tilt) and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane (shift).  The result is control of where the focal plane lies within the composition.
CGA Football TS
This type of lens and technique is often used to create a “miniature” effect.  In other words, the control of focus gives the appearance that you are looking at a miniaturized version of the scene.
Times Square TS
I have to admit that I do not own a tilt and shift lens.  They are very specialized, and the return on investment for such a specialized lens cannot be justified by most photographers.  Fortunately there are techniques to achieve the effect in post processing.
DC Metro TS
The photographs featured in this post were taken with my iPhone (see my prior post on creativity with the iPhone – The Best Camera), using an application called Tilt Shift Generator in combination with The Best Camera app.  If you are challenging yourself to make great photographs with your iPhone, I highly recommend this app.  You can see more of my iPhone photography on the Best Camera site.
Go make some great photography!

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