Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog Post #50!

My first blog entry was on March 13th of this year.  Now, 7 months later, we arrive at the 50th entry.  Over the course of these 50 entries, the number of regular readers increased dramatically, my posts have become more frequent, and as a result of writing about my passion for photography, I have learned and improved.
In celebrating #50 I have decided to do a retrospective on a few photographs from the first 50 entries.  If you are relatively new to the blog, I encourage you to explore the archive.
I hope you enjoy this post and continue to enjoy the blog.  Tell a friend, send me comments, and most of all, have fun and go make some great photography!
Negative Space
The Arizona Desert – A Sense of Place
Dramatic Light on Cactus on Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Urban Portraits
Jose Tucson
Why Black and White? Insufficient Color Information
And They are Off
Repeating Patterns
Stairs at ADNOC
Night Shots of Sheikh Zayad Bin Sultan Al Nayan Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Grand Mosque at Night  (2 of 22)
Swan and Sailboat in the Mist - 2
Why Black and White? Distracting Color
Fertilizer Processing at Cumana Fish Plant
LIwa Date Festival
Weaving Baskets-4_thumb[2]
Fill the Frame
Trumpet Player on Constitution Avenue - 2
My Favorite Photography Podcasts
Machu Pichu - 45
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
salvador line fishing2
Bridgespot Collection 1, and Bridge Spot Collection 2
A Dialogue on Defining Moments
A day at the (camel) races (12 of 14)
Hurricane Ivan Devastation of Grenada in 2004
Grenada after Hurricane Ivan  (31 of 53)
Black and White vs. Color Redux
Saint Georges Waterfront-6-2
Motivating Creativity – A Walk Around Capitol Hill
Canopy at Eastern Market
Focus Pocus! and Focus Pocus II
Staffer at the Capitol
Wrestling With HDR – Another Walk Around The Neighborhood
Union Station Rail Yard-2


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