Friday, September 4, 2009

Bridge Spot Collection 2

Scare Crow
Striking a Pose
Welcome to the second collection of photographs from the Bridge Spot.
Aspiring Boarder
In a prior post I presented a collection of photographs taken at the Bridge spot in South East Washington, DC.  The collection shared two attributes:  1) a consistent subject matter, and 2) all the photographs were processed in Photomatix as color single shot virtual high dynamic range photographs.

Headless Boardman
Headless Boardman-2
MedusaThe shots in this collection are of the same subject matter, but were processed as black and white (several as HDR).  As I viewed the results I found the B/W did not fit well with the color photographs.  For this reason I present a second collection limited to the B/W photographs.  As collections, I find the distinct groupings (color vs. b/W) more cohesive.
Light Board
I find the B/W photographs appealing because they maintain the minimalist raw feel I was trying to achieve.  In contrast to the color collection, I like these shots because they present a different and more stark, simple mood.  Often, simple is good.
Just Cruizin
Ryan at Bridge Spot-6 Slide-2
I will leave the commentary short for this post, and let the photographs tell the story.  Enjoy.
Roller heart  Wheel Grab
Dance Move
Go make some great photography!

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