Sunday, September 20, 2009

Southern Maryland Farm at Sunrise

Farm on Indian Bridge Road
I had a great weekend of shooting.  My subject of choice for the weekend was the Southern Maryland waterfront.  The title photograph was an exception so I decided to post a quick entry featuring this shot.
As has been my recent focus, this is an HDR photograph.  I find this shot appealing for several reasons.  First, with the exception of the central subject, the farm buildings, the colors were muted and were made even more so after a bit of post-processing desaturation.
I also like the composition which takes the corn rows, starting from each of the lower corners, and uses the lines to lead you to the subject.  I like the texture and detail of the corn, and finally I like the “S” curve of the corn that leads you to the subject.  This is another form of “leading lines” that draw the eye to the principal subject of the photograph.
As you likely know, I am predisposed to process photos in black and white.  However, in this case, the colors are useful in directing your eye to the subject, are not distracting, and do a decent job of adding information to the composition.
The final point regarding this photograph is that it was taken in what I consider some of the best light of the day…right at sunrise.  The corn had not yet been kissed by the rising sun, but the farm buildings on a bit of a rise were glowing with the morning sun.
If you want some great light for photography, find time at sunrise or sunset +/- 1 hour.  This is the period of beautiful soft light that makes colors burst, brings out long and soft shadows, and is very peaceful.
Have fun, and make some great photography.

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  1. Craig, this is a fantastic shot and great, judicious use of HDR!