Friday, September 18, 2009

The Unfamiliar Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Bus Station-6
This will be a quick post.  I am sitting at the airport in Abu Dhabi waiting to board a plane back to the U.S. and have just a few moments.  I thought to make good use of the time by posting short entry.
Abu Dhabi Bus Station-7
The photographs featured in this entry are of the part of Abu Dhabi many people do not get to see.  Particularly those who only see the UAE through their televisions.
Abu Dhabi Bus Station-2
There is nothing derogatory or inflammatory about these pictures…just a different perspective.  These shots are inspired by a good friend who asked for some photographs of “the real Abu Dhabi.”  Her meaning was along the lines of describing life in Abu Dhabi that is not part of the tourist books.
Abu Dhabi Bus Station-3
I thought this was a wonderful idea, and am intending to build a portfolio of the unfamiliar Abu Dhabi over the next year.
Abu Dhabi Bus Station-5
The first group of shots come from the Abu Dhabi bus terminal.  The next group are from a construction site on 4th street in downtown Abu Dhabi.
Fourth Street Construction Site
All the photographs featured in this entry were taken with a Canon G10 (yes, I am still out to prove something) and are 3 to 5 exposure HDR compositions.
Fourth Street Construction Site-2
Fourth Street Construction Site-3
Mosque Crain
The final shots look into a Mosque just after evening call to prayer (Iftar) when the Ramadan fast is broken.  The mosques provide water, milk and dates to the poor each day during Ramadan at Iftar.
Iftar Prayers
Both shots show the a group sitting in the center of the mosque eating dates and drinking water or milk.
Iftar Prayers-2
As promised, short commentary and more photographs.
Go make some great photography!

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  1. This series of shots are wonderfully executed. Love them all. I particularly loved the Abu Dhabi bus stand shots, I never thought of these angles and shots you've made, you 'll be surprised to know that I live a few meters away.