Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Occupy DC Black and White Photography

McPherson Square Tent Camp

On the day after Halloween, I made my first visit to the Occupy DC tent city at McPherson Square in Washington DC.  I continue to visit the camp every couple of weeks to document the changes in the camp – like the next shot – my last visit found the University of the 99% was established.  I can’t tell you about enrollment or faculty.  Sorry.

University of the 99%

I was intending to hold on to these shots for a while, then publish a series.  However, after reading the news yesterday, of the protestors building a two story wooden structure that eventually led to a conflict with the DC police and several arrests, I decided to share several of the photos.

Creativity Planning

The guys above and in the next shot were new additions upon my last visit, and had a nice new white enclosure from which they were able to talk to passersby about their economic perspective – and hand out flyers for their landscaping business.

Radical Bible Information

The eclectic gathering of people that make up the Occupy DC protestors is quite interesting.  I was happy to find the Latinos were well represented.

Latino Corner

I have a whole pocket full of photographs from McPherson Square.  I intend to continue shooting as long as they save.  Come back soon for more from Occupy DC.

Have fun and go make some great photography.


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