Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Volvo – Worth Every Penny


With the holiday season in full swing I have not carved out the opportunity for much photography – with the exception of playing with my new lighting gear and food photography (Craig’s Grape Adventure).  To make matters worse, I have to deal with my badly crumpled car.

Last week I was struck by a deer in Southern Maryland.  It was about an hour after sunset.  I was driving about 50 mph with my wife in the passenger seat.  Suddenly my headlights were filled with a nanosecond flash of a deer racing across the road.  The blur of fur came at the same time as the tremendous thud of impact.  It happened so quickly there was not even time to brake.

Gratefully we were uninjured and the car performed flawlessly.  Despite the tremendous shudder and unsightly damage, the seatbelts not only locked, but cinched us back into the seats.  Amazingly, the car did not swerve or even give the hint of loss of control – it tracked perfectly straight as if nothing happened.  I will be without my beloved Volvo for a few weeks, but am immensely grateful none of that time will be spent in a hospital.  Thank you Volvo!

Finally, if you have not yet picked up your copy of Craig’s Grape Adventure – Loving Life with a Skillet and a Corkscrew, follow the link and take care of that last minute Christmas shopping.  It is easy, you will get the book before Christmas, and you will make a food and wine lover happy with nearly 500 pages of stories, great recipes and wine pairings.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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