Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Great Christmas Blizzard of ‘09

Piney Point Dock I skirted great inconvenience last night as my flight arrived from Abu Dhabi just before the great Christmas Blizzard of 09 hit the Washington DC area.  OK, the storm is still ongoing, but it looks like 16 to 24 inches of fresh snow is the likely result and the airports are closed…so we can add a bit to the drama by calling it the great Christmas Blizzard of 09.
And of course, events like this scream “photography opportunity!!!”  The roads are sufficiently treacherous that I was only able to wander about on foot a bit, but here are a couple of the photographic results.  This was my first opportunity to try HDR with snow.  My conclusion is that HDR is particularly well suited to this condition.  Normally it is very difficult to get a well exposed shot without completely blowing out the white of the snow.  HDR helps maintain a balance between the extreme highlights and the darker details.
Piney Point Boat in the Snow
I hope to get out for some more shooting later and promise to share anything interesting.
Have fun, and go make some great photography.

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