Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reflections in Breckenridge

Reflections in Breckonridge-2
When friends ask my wife if she takes photography, her typical answer is “why should I?…my husband is a photographer.”  Recently Sue changed her perspective.  This past summer, Sue changed jobs and as a result is now in a position that requires quite a bit of travel.  Suddenly Sue was traveling without me there to document the trip and find beautiful things to capture in the camera.
Rapids in Breckonridge
Not feeling ready, or particularly drawn to a DSLR, Sue purchased a Canon G10.  The G10 (like the G9 and G11) has the full suite of controls you will find on the big boys.  This includes physical knobs (not menu selections) for ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  The camera shoots in Manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, and the other modes (that never get used!).  On top of all this, the camera shoots in RAW.  This means that all the data captured by the sensor is available in post processing rather than being compressed into a JPEG (loss of data).
Reflections in Breckonridge-3
The photographs featured in this post were all taken by my wife with a Canon G10.  I am very pleased with her results (is there any other right answer?).
Aspen in Breckonridge
Sue was very pleased with her results as well.  There is something deeply gratifying with capturing a moment…the still waters offering a perfect reflection of the distant mountains, or the bright yellow Aspen revealed between the pines.
Rapids in Breckonridge-2
Even with this success, Sue remains of the opinion that when I am around, she will leave the photography to me.  However, she is very happy to explore her budding photography during her lone travels.
Reflections in Breckonridge
One of my principal objectives with blogging is to give something back to the community of photographers irrespective of their level in the field.  I am very happy that even my wife has taken to heart some of my advice.
Wooded Stream in Breckonridge
I hope you enjoyed Sue’s photography.
Have fun and go make some great photography.

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