Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally a Win!

In October I posted an entry about The Best Camera.  The post focused on the iPhone application called “The Best Camera” and my budding obsession with iPhone photography.
As a refresher, the basics of The Best Camera are:
  1. Take a photograph with the iPhone
  2. Process the photograph using The Best Camera app (although many people seem to be straying and using any number of apps for editing).
  3. Use the app’s interface to submit the photo to The Best Camera website (and post it to twitter, facebook, and/or save the edited photo to your iPhone library).
  4. Hope the other users of The Best Camera like your work and view/vote for your photography.  Photographs with the most votes (apparently the number of views takes care of tie breaking) are selected as hourly, daily and monthly “best photos.”
The very cool, and sometimes frustrating thing about the process of voting and selecting the best photos is that it is completely democratized….either you get votes and views from your peers, or not.  This is very cool because your success in this head-to-head full contact photography battle is completely dependent on how your peers assess your photography.
The frustrating aspects include:  a) I don’t always agree with my peers (ha…big surprise), b) every time you submit a photograph, it is like entering a new contest (for that hour) with a bunch of very talented cohorts, c) success is a relative issue…my best shot may have been submitted during the same hour as someone else’s totally rocking shot (oh well, better luck next time).
So here are a few words about the shots featured in this post.  The first photograph was my one and only hourly winner.  The rest are not…including those featured in my previous entry - The Best Camera.
Arguably, my shot that was selected as the best in that hour is not the best iPhone photograph I have produced.  That is Ok.  The fun comes in the challenge of making good photography with a very limited piece of gear.  I will keep trying.  If nothing else, it is entertaining.
Have fun and go make some great photography!

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