Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Southern Maryland Barns in the Fog

Barn in the Fog-Edit
This entry is a continuation of my Thanksgiving Fog post.  The Thanksgiving fog post featured photographs on or near the water under the cover a dense fog over the entire DC metro region on Thanksgiving.
Barns in the fog-2-Edit
This post features photography from the same day with the exception of shifting the theme from “on the water” to fields and barns.
Barns in the fog-Edit
There are several aspects to each of these photographs I find appealing.  First, the fog provides a uniform background to each photograph that provides an interesting contrast to the foreground.  Notice that in each photograph there is a great deal of detail and good contrast on the immediate foreground.  The detail and contrast gradually diminish as your eye travels vertically through the photograph.
Farm in the fog-2-Edit
Another common attribute, other than barns and fields,  is that some portion of the photograph fades into the fog.  I naturally find myself studying the photograph and wondering “what is that, or what lies just beyond the threshold of the fog?”  This intrigue is a valuable component of the composition.
Farm in the fog-3-Edit
In nearly each of the photographs there is some grain of the field (rows of corn residue) that acts as a leading line drawing your eye through the photograph and eventually into the void created by the fog.
Farm in the fog-Edit
Another common aspect is the composition.  In each of these photographs I have placed the horizon (or what we can best make of it) at or around the upper 1/3 line.  In this type of environment, that makes most sense.  Imagine the horizon a the lower 1/3 division; the composition would be dominated by the nothingness of the fog and offer much less interest.
Horses in the Fog-Edit
Finally, each of these photographs reminded me I need to clean the sensor on my camera.  The opaque gray of the fog did a brilliant job of highlighting every speck of dust on my camera sensor.  I was not particularly happy with the time it took to repair each of these spots.  Gratefully, the dust spots are not featured in the final product.
Go find some fog and make some great photography!

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