Friday, September 2, 2011

Union Station and Washington DC Metro: Repetition as Leading Lines

Union Station Metro

I have written separately about using leading lines in photographic composition and repetition as a composition tool.  In this post, we have examples of the two composition techniques in combination.  In other words, examples of repetition forming leading lines that draw the viewers eye through the photograph.  In the first example, a photograph of the Union Station Metro, there are leading lines in abundance – the ceiling pattern, escalator, train tracks, and the ceiling seams.

We are naturally drawn to consciously or subconsciously discern patterns – it gives us another level of information about our environment.  When repetition and leading lines are combined in photography, the result can be very compelling.

Farragut North

In the second example, taken at the Farragut North Metro Station, we have some of the same elements along with the dimples, lights, and tiles in the floor.

Union Station Arches

Moving outside of Union Station, the repetition of arches and lamps again form leading lines that guide your eye through the photograph.

Capital Bike Share

Finally, moving a bit further outside of Union Station, the line of bikes at the Capital Bikeshare rack are yet another example of repetition forming a leading line.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.