Friday, September 9, 2011

Final Album Artwork for The J.O.B. Single – Messenger

JOB Messenger Album Art

I am very excited to share with you the new album artwork for the soon to be released single “Messenger” by The J.O.B (Jim O’Ferrell Band).  I have been working with lead guitarist Jason Crawford over the last couple of months to compose an image that provides a visual background for the lyrics.  As we progressed through the project, I posted several times to discuss the process and give a behind the scenes look at the creative process that ultimately led to the final product you see above.  For the full history, visit these posts:

So the purpose of this post is to wrap a bow around the project and recap the fun highlights of the creative process.  First of all, although Jason and I have never met, it was a real pleasure working with him.  Projects like this are always more enjoyable when you are working with good people.  I’m sure we will get together sometime for a beer or maybe Jason will venture up to DC for one of my signature wine pairings.

The great challenge and fun of this project was creating an image that evoked the essence of the lyrics.  We started by Jason sending the lyrics (sorry, still can’t share those, but the single will be out in a couple of weeks – check iTunes or visit The J.O.B. website).  What I can say is that the lyrics speak to a deep level of connection between people – much of it unsaid and below our radar of our consciousness.  Jason then pointed out a couple of the photos from this blog that hint at the concept and sent a couple of photos from other sources he was also attracted to.  Armed with this information I began shooting.  I actually shot quite a bit, but only sent those photos for consideration that I thought reflected the heart of the lyrics.

Adding to the fun and challenge of creating the “right” photograph was the fact that I was dealing with abstract ideas – and I had no idea of the music supporting these very powerful lyrics.  While the lyrics are full of vivid images, they remain abstract until the shutter is clicked and the band starts playing.  In the end, Jason selected the photograph below.

Rush Hour Ghosts-1

This shot was created by setting up my camera on a tripod and taking a series of shots as people moved in front of me.  The shots were all set at a sufficiently slow shutter speed to blur as the people walked by.  I then combined the photos by masking in the passing people while the background remained static.  My interpretation of this photograph in the context of the lyrics is an unseen connection between the people as we race through life unaware until someone illuminates those connections.

Having become a fan of The J.O.B. and their uniquely enjoyable style of Americana Rock, I encourage you to find them on iTunes, pull out your coin jar, and purchase “Messenger” when it is released in a couple weeks.  I have not yet heard the final production, but these guys are good and put a great deal of thought and talent into their passion for music.  I am confident it will get 5 stars on my iPhone playlist.

I hope to continue this creative relationship with Jason and The J.O.B. and soon be writing about the next single release in the coming months.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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