Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walk Around NY Part II

South Street Seaport
Here are a couple more photographs from my walk around NY. The first comes from South Street Seaport and the second is from the back side of the Staten Island Ferry sign.  I find both these shots appealing from the perspective of tonal range.  They are both well balanced shots that do not introduce an excessive amount of contrast yet cover the full tonal range.
Staten Island Ferry-2
The shot of the Staten Island Ferry sign adds additional appeal because it is true to my desire to find an interesting perspective on the common.  While the Staten Island Ferry building may not be “common” to a lot of people, I believe I have achieved an uncommon perspective for those who know it.
Have fun and go make some great photography.

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  1. Craig,
    Came back to this again. This is a fantastic shot! Bold and sharp. I really like it.