Thursday, July 14, 2011

Umbrella on Black–More Motivation for Minimalist Photography

Umbrella on Black

Over the last few days I have been browsing the photography on that have been recognized as either popular (peer rating), editors choice, and the “upcoming” photography that is gaining recognition.  I was very happy to find a number of excellent photographs using a minimalist approach to subject and composition.  I was even more pleased to find quite a few within this minimalist collection that focused on seascapes – a particular appeal to me.

The reason I mention my browsing and admiration is the value I find in studying the photography of other photographers.  In addition to the inspiration and the ideas for my own photography that can emerge, I find it a good way to judge my own photography in comparison.  With the emphasis places on showcasing only your best photography, it is fertile ground for inspiration, ideas, and comparison. 

My only hope is that is able to maintain these standards of excellent photography.  At present, the only mechanism employed by to ensure these standards is an appeal to our competitive nature through the rating system which might also be viewed as playing on our egos.  However, over the long run, I am skeptical this will be sufficient.  Without some level of editorial control or oversight, it is quite possible, and even probable that will go the way of Flickr and become a dumping ground for family photos and stupid animal tricks.  There is nothing wrong with silly cat photos – but they should be kept in their place – like Facebook.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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