Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Year of the Craig Corl Photography Blog

I missed it.  My first blog entry was on 13 March, 2009 and I just realized I had passed the one year anniversary of the blog.  Now that I have made this realization, I would like to thank your for your continued support, comments, and patronage.  I also hope that you have, and will continue to enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
As I begin the second year, I do not expect a change in the form or content of the blog.  However, I do have a few projects in mind that you might find of interest.  Most prominent of these is a new web gallery.  I have threatened to do this for some time, but have not yet made it a priority.  I will check this item off the list in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for the announcement.
The intention of the gallery is accomplish several things.  First, I want an appropriate environment for showing the best of my photography.  This will include some of my photography you have not seen on the blog.  I also want to make purchase of the photography an easy and pleasant experience.  Finally, I intend to set up the gallery with projects that present a related and cohesive group of photographs that tell a story.
The photographs featured in the blog are a continuation of the last blog that featured detailed shots of the Lincoln Memorial.  These photographs come from the Jefferson memorial.
Thanks again for hanging around for the last year and I hope you stick around for the next.
Have fun and go make some great photography.

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