Monday, August 1, 2011

New Album Art Project for The J.O.B. (TheJim O’Ferrell Band)

Ryan in Union Station 2

In April I wrote a short post about working with The J.O.B. to produce a photograph for the band’s single “Nowhere.”  The project was a great deal of fun, and you can see the original post at Nowhere by The J.O.B.  I also encourage you to visit The J.O.B. at their website where you can connect with them in all the usual social media outlets, listen to their music, and download their latest single, “Nowhere.”  Speaking of the music, if you like original rock with great story telling, you will become an instant fan of the J.O.B.

Recently I received a note from Jason Crawford (blazing electric guitar and rocking artistic crafter of the band’s heart pounding lead guitar work) announcing the J.O.B.’s return to the studio to record their next single “The Messenger.”  Jason asked if I would be interested in helping with the artwork for the new single – “The Messenger” - I thought about it for quite some time, maybe a microsecond, and signed on.  Jason sent me the lyrics to “The Messenger” (sorry – top secret stuff that you will have to wait a short while to enjoy) so I could start the creative process of seeing a fit between the photography and the song.  From my perspective, the photograph must play a role in adding to, or supporting the story told through the lyrics – a visual component of the storytelling and a wonderfully enjoyable challenge.

While I can’t share the lyrics, I can tell you they are powerful, symbolic, and rich with images.  I had to read the lyrics several times, each time my “wow” impression was amplified.  From a photographic perspective, the lyrics are a bonanza of mental images supporting the central theme; each line adding another layer of photographic potential.

Jason and I are now deep in the collaborative process of exchanging ideas, commenting on photographs that may contribute to the composition of the final product, and even discussing the photographic techniques that will achieve the aesthetic that matches the vivid images in the lyrics.  I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge and the collaboration.  The photograph at the top of this post is one of the shots we have discussed and contains several components likely to find their way into the final artwork.

As I find interesting aspects of the creative process to share, I will keep you updated.  I promise to let you know about the final product, and most importantly, the release of “The Messenger” by The J.O.B.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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