Thursday, August 25, 2011

New York Upper West Side Pigeons

Pigeon Ghosts

As I was moving some photos around this morning I found these two photos I failed to include in the New York “Zoom Rack” series.  Here are links to the rest of the series: 

Both of these photos are different from most of the zoom rack photography I took while in NY.  First, most of the photographs I made were uncharacteristically (for me) in color – they passed my test of color adding information that was important to the composition.  Second, the first of these photographs features two types of apparent motion – the effect of motion brought on by the zoom rack technique, and the motion of the pigeons in flight.


Pigeon Ghosts-1

The second of these two photographs is also ripe with leading lines.  The lines in the sidewalk lead your eye through the photograph, and the light lines created by the zoom rack technique bring your eye to the center of the photograph.


Once your eyes have readjusted to normal photography, I will likely return with another set using this approach and some scenes from around Washington DC.  While talking about upcoming cool stuff, I recommend you check out my other blog “Craig’s Grape Adventure” tomorrow when I will post a very exciting wine pairing with tuna prepared three ways – tuna and avocado tartare, seared tuna with mango salsa, and toasted fennel crusted tuna with fresh vegetable quinoa.  I am anxious to prepare this delicious progression, photograph it, and of course – enjoy it.


Have fun, and go make some great photography.



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