Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoom Rack Photography of New York Taxicabs

NY Cab zoom rack-5

This is my third and final installment of Zoom Rack photography from New York.  Here are the links to the previous two, in case you missed them:

NY Cab zoom rack

For this final post in the series, I decided to focus on the iconic New York taxicab.  Nostalgia draws me back to the days of the Checker cabs in NY, a true icon, but at least they remain the same color.

NY Cab zoom rack-1

As you can see from the previous photo, use of the zoom rack technique can result in some interesting abstract results.  In this case, there is just enough information to give context (the Times Square Marques in the background) and the yellow of the cab to let you know this just might be a New York taxi.

NY Cab zoom rack-3

Unlike more normal bias toward black and white photography, these photographs were processed in color.  With the subject of NY taxis, it would be difficult to respect the bright yellow paint if processed in black and white.

NY Cab zoom rack-4

In addition to the yellow of the cabs, the motion introduced by racking the zoom, makes for some interesting bright light trails that are more interesting in color than black and white.

NY Cab zoom rack-2

Have fun and go make some great photography.


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