Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Face(s) of Occupy DC

Occupy DC Showdown-7

Yesterday I posted a series of photos from the anticipated eviction showdown between Occupy DC and the U.S. Park Police (Occupy DC Eviction Showdown–or Not).  Today we are taking a look at the face of Occupy DC.  With all the hours I have wandered around the Occupy DC encampment talking with the protestors I have found their views are as diverse as their photographs.  The only consistent them that runs through all these conversations is a distrust in government they believe has created and perpetuated a system of wealth inequality.

Occupy DC Showdown-8

I also found that the dynamics of the Occupy DC protestors are a bit more complicated than they may appear on face value.  In addition to the varied views held by individuals, there are groups within the encampment with similarly diverse concerns – and they don’t necessarily agree.  There is an anarchist group, there is a group focused on homelessness, another that believes the income inequality has led to unbalanced representation in government, others that support any number of conspiracy theories, some that believe in governments ability to do more for the “99%,”and yet others who have difficulty presenting a coherent argument.  And the list goes on.

Occupy DC Showdown-9

I also found that within the Occupy DC factions, there exists a power struggle.  Several times I heard complaints that one group was getting more air time with the press and was therefore driving the message.  Plotting and scheming sessions are common.  And lets not forget one of the most prominent divides – those who favor an aggressive approach and those who support a more passive approach to the protest.  This divergence in philosophy was quite evident in views of how to handle visits by the U.S. Park Police.

Occupy DC Showdown-11

The remainder of this post is devoted to the many faces of Occupy DC.

Occupy DC Showdown-13

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Occupy DC Showdown-28

Occupy DC Showdown-29

Occupy DC Showdown-30

Occupy DC Showdown-31

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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