Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fog in the Field

Field Near Piney Point
This photograph comes from a field in Southern Maryland.  With my normal travel schedule across eight time zones, upon my return to DC I frequently find myself awake early in the morning until I fully adjust to being back on EST.  The benefit of this is the opportunity to get some early morning photography.
In my opinion, the best light always comes at sunrise or sunset +/- an hour or two.  The light is soft and colorful.  The sky is often at it’s most dramatic, and life is generally a bit quieter.  All great conditions for photography.
The featured photograph was taken just after sunrise and before the sun was high enough to burn the fog off the field.  Fog is always a great photographic prop.  In this case it layers the field, appears to “stick” to the trees on the right, and gives us some great sun rays as the sun peeks over the tree tops.
This photograph is a five exposure HDR.  As a result, the foreground grass is highly detailed with a broad tonal range.  Also, the shadow details are drawn from the trees on the right which would likely have been lost in a non-HDR photograph.  The details of this photograph are difficult to detect in the size limitations of the blog.  If you want to see a larger version, I am happy to send it to you.
Have fun and make some great photography!

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