Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DC Cherry Blossoms with Lensbaby Macro

Cherry Blossoms - Lensbaby Macro Color-7

Pretty soon I will be shooting the hangover, or aftermath of the cherry blossoms.  For the moment however, I still have some great fresh shots to share.  The photos featured here today add another layer of creativity to the Lensbaby by the application of a macro lens.  It is more like a macro adapter with a screw on lens that approximates macro, but regardless of the “how” shooting with it is a great deal of fun.

Cherry Blossoms - Lensbaby Macro Color

The difficulty in getting these shots comes from the constant winds that have stopped only briefly since the cherry blossom began to bloom.  The bottom line is that it took patience to get these shots.  It also took a lot of exposures – I have many wasted shots thanks to the wind.

Cherry Blossoms - Lensbaby Macro Color-1

In the next days I will post another set of macro photography processed in black and white.  I would post them here, but I think these work best as a set of color, and a set of black and white viewed separately.

Cherry Blossoms - Lensbaby Macro Color-2

One of the things I had not noticed before but occurred to me while shooting the cherry blossoms this year, is that all cherry blossoms are not created equal.  Specifically, some of the trees produce brilliant white blossoms with hints of pink or purple.  Others produce soft to bright pink blossoms.  I’m sure there is an explanation, but I don’t have it.

Cherry Blossoms - Lensbaby Macro Color-3

Cherry Blossoms - Lensbaby Macro Color-6

Have fun and go make some great photography.


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