Monday, April 18, 2011

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms in Black and White

Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument

We are quickly coming to then end of my series of posts featuring the cherry blossoms in Washington DC.  If I am not mistaken, I have just one more shoot to process.  I’m sure there will be a few shots to share from the final group.


If you search the web, most of the shots of the cherry blossoms you will find are in color.  This makes sense because the pink of the blossoms is quite dramatic.  However, being a fan of black and white, I am convinced it is possible to get a unique perspective of the cherry blossoms by taking a slightly less trodden path.

Cherry Blossoms Reflected

The other contributing factor for processing these photos as black and white was the overcast sky.  Had there been blue skies with interesting cloud formations, I may have gone the color route.  However, with only the cherry blossoms filling a noteworthy color role, it was an easy decision to go black and white.

Cherry Blossoms under Flood

Check back later this week, and I will have the cherry blossoms wrapped up.  I have a few other things on deck you will be sure to find interesting such as some tips for food photography lighting (don’t miss the opportunity to visit my other blog, Craig’s Grape Adventure, for some great food photography, awesome recipes, and wine pairings guaranteed to please) and my recent acquisition of a new lens, the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L (I will try to get some shooting with the new lens before writing about it).

Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument-1

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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