Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bound for Life–Protesters at The Supreme Court Part II

Bound for Life at the Supreme Court

These are some additional photographs of the Bound for Life group holding vigil at the Supreme Court.  Other than being the subjects in the photography, this post is not about the group Bound for Life.  More generally, this post is about protesters and photography.

Bound for Life at the Supreme Court-1

First, photographers and protesters make a good match.  Protesters want to be seen and heard – photographers are usually willing to play along with the “being seen” part.  Many photographers find it difficult to approach people, begin a conversation, and get permission to include them in a photograph.  Protesters short circuit this ritual – they are there to be seen and (mostly) expect to be photographed.

Bound for Life at the Supreme Court-2

Second, protesters are usually involved in some extraordinary behavior.  Whether carrying a sign with spelling errors, holding a bible up to the Supreme Court, or shouting their message at passing tourists, something interesting is sure to happen, or a unique juxtaposition emerge if you are patient.

Bound for Life at the Supreme Court-3

Third, protesters are normally in interesting places – particularly here in Washington DC.  Having a nice back drop like the Supreme Court, the White House, the Capitol Building, or even the Department of the Interior, is a nice prop for the photography.  Thanks protesters.

Bound for Life at the Supreme Court-5

Speaking of the Department of the Interior, my wife was in lock down at the DOI HQ building yesterday at the precise moment I was shooting the protesters in front of the Supreme Court.  DOI was locked down due to protesters that were less well behaved than the silent and respectful protest of Bound for Life.

Bound for Life at the Supreme Court-4

I am accumulating a sizeable portfolio of protests, marches, rallies or individuals marching around with battered signs while looking for that beer they lost leaving them one bottle short of a six pack.  Most of my encounters have been happy coincidence.  What I really need is a way to easily know the schedule of all these events in advance.  An iPhone app for that would be very cool.  I believe I will begin my own protest demanding a protest app.

Have fun, and go make some great photography!


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