Monday, April 4, 2011

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms, Black and White Through a Lensbaby

Cherry Blossoms - Lensbaby

My continuing pursuit to shoot the hell out of the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms continues.  I have several groups of photos stacked up based on some logical groupings.  This post features the Cherry Blossoms in Black and white seen through the Lensbaby Composer.

Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson - Lensbaby

I have to tell you that I am having a great time shooting the Cherry Blossoms this year.  With the cooler weather we are experiencing, the crowds are a bit thinner than recent years making the photography a little easier albeit a bit less comfortable when shooting.

Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson - Lensbaby-2

It has also been a real treat shooting with my good friend John who is on a short visit to DC.  I highly recommend you visit John A Downey II Photography to see some of the fantastic work John is doing.  Last night, John came over for dinner and we did what we normally do – talk photography.  It would probably bore the hell out of most people, but we enjoy geeking out about photography.

Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson - Lensbaby-3

Part of the conversation wound around the idea of submitting our cherry blossom photography to a contest.  John has plans to do so, and he was doing his best to convince me that I should do the same.  I don’t plan on doing so.  I am not a fan of photo competitions other than viewing the work of others.  I don’t have a need for the recognition that comes from succeeding in a competition and find many of these contests little more than a scheme for someone else to make money off my work – after having to pay to enter the competition.  It doesn’t seem like an equitable relationship and therefore I stand clear of competitions.

Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson - Lensbaby-5

I am quite satisfied with the recognition I get from you – all the people that continue to return to my humble blog and send your friends my way.  I shoot because of the inherent joy of doing so, and I quite enjoy your feedback.  I also enjoy the process of photography, from planning to shoot, making the photography, post processing, and writing about it.  I find inherent value and satisfaction in the process.

Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson - Lensbaby-6

This evening, John and I plan on visiting the cherry blossoms for some sunset lighting.  So far, everything has been shot on the early side of the day.  I am looking forward to the new perspective brought by dusk.

Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument - Lensbaby

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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