Friday, June 10, 2011

Patuxent River Naval Air Station Triathlon–Run

Brian at Pax River Triathlon-12

This is the last in my three part series of photography from the Patuxent River Naval Air Station Triathlon.

If you missed the first two, you can find them here:

Pax River Triathlon-18

I am very happy with the photograph above.  I was able to get the runners face nice and sharp while using a small aperture to slow down the shutter speed and introduce some motion blur.  The motion blur was increased a bit as I panned with the runner causing the background to blur. The runner is the overall winner amongst the women.  I don’t recall her name, but I know she absolutely crushed the women’s field, and was only one minute off the pace of the winner for the men.

Pax River Triathlon-2

I was a bit distracted by the time the runners started coming in (by distracted I mean hiding in the shade to save some of my now lobster-red skin), so I don’t have a bunch of running shots.  However, I have several detail shots from the transition area to share.

Pax River Triathlon-7

Pax River Triathlon-3

Pax River Triathlon-4

Pax River Triathlon-9

Pax River Triathlon-8

Pax River Triathlon-10

I hope you enjoyed this little slice of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station Triathlon.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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