Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Patuxent River Naval Air Station Triathlon–Bike

Pax River Triathlon-15

Welcome back to part two of my mini-series of posts featuring photography from the Patuxent River Triathlon.  Today’s post will focus on the bike leg of the race.

Pax River Triathlon-16

Similar to the case with the swim, the bikes and clothing are plenty colorful.  However, I believe these shots work much better in black and white.  For example, the first shot of the post has a couple of distracting elements when viewed in color; a) the green of the grass and background trees that bisect the photo, and b) the yellow of the center line cutting through his bike.  While these are not horrible flaws, when processed as black and white, they become complete non issues.

Pax River Triathlon-12

If you scroll back up to take a look at the second photograph, you can see a good example of a traditionally framed cycling shot.  The components to this composition include a) leaving “room” in front of the cyclist so he visually has a place to go (imagine how awkward it would look if the front wheel were on the right edge of the composition with a bunch of open space behind the bike), b) I used a sufficiently slow shutter speed to blur the wheels a bit – introducing a sense of motion, and c) further enhancing the sense of motion by panning the shot and introducing more motion blur to the immobile parts of the composition.

Pax River Triathlon-14

Pax River Triathlon-5

Brian at Pax River Triathlon-10

Pax River Triathlon-11

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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