Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ernie Els at the 2011 US Open

Ernie Els at 2011 US Open-4

It is now Saturday, and the third round of the US Open – known as moving day – the day when players are trying to move up the leader board and position themselves for the final round on Sunday.  Unfortunately, 41 year old South African Ernie Els is not on the course today.  At six over par, Ernie was asked to pack his bags when he did not make the Friday cut of four over par.

Ernie Els at 2011 US Open

Ernie, aka The Big Easy, is a big guy with a seemingly effortless swing.  His size (210 and 6’3”) and the fact that he is a former rugby player make the nickname appear quite appropriate.

Ernie Els at 2011 US Open-2

By all reports, Ernie is a very personable guy and a fan favorite.  The fans above certainly appreciate Ernie taking a moment for autographs.  However, if you scroll back to the first photograph of the post, his downward look, appearing almost dejected, may have been a foretelling of his performance in the first two rounds of the US Open.

Ernie Els at 2011 US Open-3

With a world ranking of 122 and an impressive 9th rank in greens in regulation, we will likely see Ernie redeem himself from this cut in short order.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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