Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miguel Angel Jimenez at 2011 US Open

Miguel Angel Jimenez at 2011 US Open-1

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of attending the Tuesday practice round of the U.S. Open Championship being hosted by Congressional Country Club.  The great part of attending a practice round is that cameras are allowed – unlike the tournament rounds beginning on Thursday.  I also enjoy the practice rounds because the crowds are manageable and the line at the beer tents are short!

Miguel Angel Jimenez at 2011 US Open-2

Over the next few posts, I will be featuring some of my photography from the US Open.  Today, I am focusing on Miguel Angel Jimenez, one of my favorite golfers.

Miguel Angel Jimenez at 2011 US Open-3

Miguel is at the top of my list of favorites for a number of reasons.  Not only is Miguel a great golfer, but he hits the mark in a number of other categories that make him special.  Miguel has a great sense of humor – listen to any of his interviews and you are sure to get a chuckle.  Miguel smokes cigars which means he is a lot like the rest of us golfers – taking a nice stroll in a beautiful park, enjoying the scenery, and enjoying a nice cigar.

Miguel Angel Jimenez at 2011 US Open-4

Finally, at age 47 he falls directly into my age group.  I feel compelled to root for the “old guys” on tour and am always pulling for him.

Miguel Angel Jimenez at 2011 US Open

Come back soon to see more photography from my visit to the US Open.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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