Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Noise is Not Evil–More Examples

Abu Dhabi Bike-1

In my last post “Noise is Not Evil” I made the case that noise can be used as an important artistic element of your photography and is not the evil scourge many seem to believe.  My view is in contrast to those in the photography world who appear to be obsessed with the idea that we should only accept what the best of today’s digital cameras are capable of.  In other words, new versions of cameras are increasingly capable of shooting high ISO, low light, and low noise photographs – this group of people believe because we can effectively eliminate noise in many circumstances , we should accept nothing less.  “They” are the people who believe noise is evil.

Pentagon from the Air

I don’t intend on pressing my case here, but thought to provide a few more examples of noisy photographs that work.

waiting at JFK

Today’s shots include a bike on the streets of Abu Dhabi, the Pentagon from the air, a man waiting at JFK, and finally, the beaches in Aqaba Jordan.

Aqaba Beaches

Have fun and go make some great photography.


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