Monday, February 14, 2011

The Beauty of Minimalism–Just a Little More


As a follow-on to my last couple of postings “The Beauty of Minimalism” and “Three Eggs over Minimalism” this article wraps up my minimalism “finds” discovered while finishing up the post processing of 2010 photographs.  Like the photographs in the first article, the these feature simple subjects without distracting elements in the balance of the composition.

Aqaba Clouds

An interesting question to ask with respect to minimalist photography is “what do you experience when you look at the photograph?”  More specifically, what do you experience in contrast to viewing non-minimalist photography?  I find my personal reaction interesting.  Even more so than a “normal” composition, with minimalist photographs I find myself completely drawn into the scene.  I wonder what the artist saw.  I search the details of what little there is to discern.  I wonder why the composition works.  In other words, minimalist compositions raise a bunch of questions…which draw me into the work to a much deeper level.

Bill Landing

Finally, I find the minimalist approach refreshing after viewing so many photographs that are overflowing with activity, textures, color, and general distractions.  If you have read any of my past articles on choosing black and white over color, you will see a trend – for me, many times color means distraction from my predisposition to simplicity.


So here is my challenge to you.  Go shoot something simple.  Then enjoy it.

Have fun, and go make some grate photography.


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