Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Triangles in Photography – Abu Dhabi Corniche

Sails on Corniche
Triangles have a firm position in photography with respect to composition, and leading the eye through the photograph.  For example, the first photograph uses the triangles formed by the pavilion in the middle to draw the eye from the sunset (mid right 1/3) up through the sky, back to the Abu Dhabi skyline, then back to the man strolling along the Corniche on the right.  There are also overlaying triangles formed by the guy wires supporting the mast.  Finally, although inverted, another prominent triangle is formed by the sun, the highlight in the cloud above and just to the left of the mast, with the third leg formed by the subtle cloud lines in the upper right quadrant of the photograph.
Sails on Corniche - Triangle
The triangle formed by the batsman, bowler and fielder, all with their attention on the ball, add both focus and tension in the form of anticipation to this photograph.  This triangle is mimicked by the pattern of bricks in the walk – shallow triangles that almost imperceptibly reinforce the relationship between batter, bowler, and fielder.
Corniche Underpass
In the final photograph, the Abu Dhabi Corniche underpass, forms a set of four triangles born from the X of the vanishing lines in the walls floor and ceiling of the under pass.  In this case the eye tends to begin with the base of the triangle (nearest the view) and draw the eye through to the center of the photograph.
Corniche Underpass - Triangles
There are a number of ways triangles are used in composition to add interest, tension, focus, and guide the viewers eye.  I will be sure to return with more examples.
Have fun, and go make some great photography.

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