Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun Photography on Memorial Day Weekend

Light Painting with Sparklers Photographers have a tendency to focus their work on things they find important, beautiful, tell a story, make money, or fit within some framework of photography that is consistent across their body of work.  This makes very good sense – it is good to work within themes and bring focus to your work.  However, sometimes it is a good thing to just have some fun with your photography.  Act like a child, and just play.
Light Painting with Sparklers-2
The photographs in this post have little in common other than I took these shots while just having fun on Memorial Day weekend.  The first two shots are something fun anyone can do with a tripod.  There are plenty of photographers who have used this technique.  It is a well developed area called light painting and can be very creative.  These shots are a much less creative in comparison to the really unique work of light painting…my daughter and her friends just having fun with sparklers.  It is amazing how a box of sparklers can still entertain a group of 20-somethings!
Dreamy Yellow Flower
The next two shots resulted from some play with my Lensbaby coupled with the macro lens.  The lens baby system is really designed for play and experimentation.  With all the interchangeable bits and pieces, the possibilities are endless.  In this case the result was an apparent ridiculously short depth of field.
Maryland Blue Claw Crab
Have FUN, and go make some great photography.

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