Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Wins on “The Best Camera”

A couple of weeks ago I went into the DC Superior Court to respond to a generous invitation for jury duty.  Nearly everyone I know receiving similarly gracious invitations has relaxed in the jury waiting room for a couple of hours, and are then dismissed.  Me? I get the distinct pleasure of being impaneled on the jury of a 2nd degree murder case.  The timing was horrible, but the entertainment value was top notch.  It was great theater! 
But better than reality show live entertainment is not the point of my story.  The relevance of jury duty to this blog entry is all the healthy amount of dead time during the jury selection process and the regular/lengthy breaks during the trial.  With all this time, I decided to clear my backlog of iPhone photos waiting for editing and submission to the web site “The Best Camera.”  If you want to see way too much of my iphone photography, go here.
With all this time on my hands, I rapidly worked through my queue of photos and submitted roughly 40 photos over the course of the week.  The two featured in this post were selected as “best of the hour.”  Honestly, I have no clue why.  I have much better iPhone photography…but I guess that is the point – on The Best Camera, you don’t get to vote for your own photography.
Stay tuned over the next couple of days; I hope to do a little rapid fire posting.
Have fun, and go make some great photography!

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