Monday, April 19, 2010

Aerial Photography from Isla Margarita Venezuela

Fishing Village Isla Margarita
This post is inspired by my good friend John at Far Out Photographic.  Some time ago, I sent John some information I found regarding kite photography.  In essence the idea is to strap your camera to a kite (very scary) send it up in the air and take some shots from an uncommon perspective.  John’s latest post “Birdseye View, National Mall 2010” is a striking example of this form of photography.  John includes a number of links if you want to explore this yourself. 
So here is the ironic part – I sent John the information on kite photography and he acted on it.  I have yet to do the same.  Due to my inaction, I am making this post featuring a couple of my aerial shots…not taken from a kite.
Mata Siete Isla Magarita
These photographs were taken from a ultralight aircraft (wings with a lawnmower attached) flying over Isla Margarita, Venezuela.  Isla Margarita is an entertaining place I have enjoyed a number of times.  I hope you enjoy the photographs in equal proportion to my terror of the unnatural act of flying in a lawnmower with wings.
Have fun, and go make some great photography.


  1. Craig,
    Yes, I acted on it to test the rig so you wouldn't have to risk yours! I've learned 1) no one should fly anything at 25 mph and 2) the person holding the line must outweigh the net drag coefficient (I have no idea what that means) to prevent kite boarding across the National Mall and 3) a long tail for the kite is essential for stability.

    It is unnatural to fly a lawnmower with wings. It is downright mad to fly a Venezuelan lawnmower with wings (cheers to Nuestros Amigos Venezolanos!).