Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Adventures in Abu Dhabi – Camel Races, Traditional Dance, and Balloons

What are you looking at
I just completed an absolutely wonderful weekend in Abu Dhabi.  For the first time, my wife traveled to Abu Dhabi with me which made the experiences sweeter and more memorable.  I spent the weekend with close friends which makes the shared experiences more special.  And of course, the photography opportunities were unbeatable.
Al Wathba Finish
This entry will be light on commentary.  My intent is to quickly post a few photographs from this past weekend with a promise return to these events and give them the attention they deserve. 
There were three principal photographic events this weekend:  1) the Camel Races in Al Wathba (the firest set of photographs.  Al Wathba is located about mid way between the city of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain), 2) Traditional dance from the UAE, 3) and a sunrise balloon ride over the desert in Nahel (in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi near Al Ain).
Waiting for the Start
Enjoy the photography.  I promise to share more along with the stories behind the photography.  I will also return to the series of minimalist photography entries soon.
Traditional Dance:
Boy Performer
Rifle Spinner
The Balloon Ride:
Preparing to Launch
Balloons and Flames
Desert Garden
Sand Waves
Desert Tracks
Sunrise in Nahel
I hope you enjoyed these photographs from our weekend desert extravaganza in the United Arab Emirates.  We had a terrific time, and as you can tell from the photography, the experience was completely unforgettable. 
At this rate of praise, I should be looking for a job with the tourism authority in the UAE!  I keep hinting about companies or organizations showing me a little love for honestly speaking well of them, but to date, nada.  Fortunately, I don’t expect it, this is all done for the love of it!
Have fun and, and go make some great photography!


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