Monday, November 23, 2009

Minimalism Part IV – Land and Sky

Merida Valley - 2
The first two posts in this four part series focusing on minimalism in photography featured water related photographs.  In this final post I am featuring land and sky as a balance to my natural nautical affinity.
Abu Dhabi Desert Landscape (6 of 6)
I believe that landscape photography works well within the context of minimalism to the extent that the landscape is not terribly complicated.  In other words, lots of trees and other vegetation coupled with bold landscape feature introduce clutter and detract from a minimalist perspective.  The following photograph of the Arizona desert is an example of the tendency away from minimalism.
Desert Mountain Panorama on Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
The next photograph is much more minimalist with only a wind turbine blade and the hint of hills on the horizon to give context to the sky.
NREL Windmill Wing Big Sky
The next photograph is minimalist on a number of levels.  First, the fog helps blend the mountains and the sky – softening a lot of the features.  What is less obvious is what this photograph really means.  If you look closely at the mountain peak on the left you will see the snow pack.  This is Pico Bolivar, the highest point in the Venezuelan Andes mountains at over 16,000 feet above see level.  Pico Bolivar is home to three small glaciers, the last in Venezuela.  And they are shrinking rapidly.
As Andean glaciers and snow pack disappear, water will become an increasingly serious issue for Venezuela and Colombia.  Among the many functions glaciers and snow pack serve, there are two that directly affect the safety and security of Venezuela and Colombia.  First, the glaciers and snow pack retain water and distribute it for irrigation and drinking at a steady rate throughout the year.  Clearly this is important for both human/animal survival and the ability to grow crops. 
In a related matter, the water retained in the glacier and snow pack controls flooding.  In other words, moisture is captured, stored, and released gradually.  Without this storage function, severe flooding and erosion will threaten both counties.
Merida Valley - 3
I don’t want to make this entry too long, so I will leave the remaining three photographs for your enjoyment without commentary.
Plain at Boulder CO

Solomons Bridge-2

Tucson Desert Sky
I hope you enjoyed this series and would love to hear your feedback.
Have fun and go make some great photography!

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