Friday, November 20, 2009

Architecture for Ashley

Washington Monument and Flag
I am once again sitting in the Etihad lounge in Abu Dhabi attempting to entertain myself while waiting for my flight.  Fortunately, photography is a never ending source of recreation.
Barbados Plantation Ruins-7
While sitting here, I was presented with a request for some specific photography.  My niece, Ashley, asked to see more architectural photography.  Ashley is a budding photographer who has a creative eye and is doing some great work.  I really hope she sticks with the photography and maybe even make a career of it. 
Statue at Union Stations DC
Ashley blogs about a number of topics as one would expect of a college student, but she often writes about her photography (  I recommend you visit her blog and see some of her fine work.
Capitol Lawn
The photography featured in this post is only held together by the subject of architecture.  Had I put a bit more thought into this, I probably could have come up with a more cohesive theme and collection.  However, I board in 35 minutes, and am hustling to get this posted.
Rustic Camp on Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Quite honestly, I don’t even have time to talk about the locations.  Some are obvious.  Others less so.  Maybe you can take a guess.
Capitol Sunrise
So to answer Ashley’s request for some architectural photography, I offer this random collection of photography.
Lincoln - Washington - Capitol from Iwo Jima
Ashley, I hope you enjoyed the photography.
Captain Pat's Kitchen
Hirshorn Museum 6 of 6
Chicago Street
Chicago Street with Corn Cob
Have fun and go make some great photography!

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