Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Food Photography Coup


In February 2011 I launched a second blog “Craig’s Grape Adventure” dedicated to my exploration in the kitchen and the wine rack.  When I started Craig’s Grape Adventure I did not have a grand plan of what I wanted to achieve.  However, over the last eight months, my adventures in food and wine pairing have flourished.  It is really no surprise it is doing so well – I was able to combine my passions for photography, food, and wine.

Steamed Crab

The shift of focus in my photography was one of the unexpected outcomes of launching Craig’s Grape Adventure.  Since February, the sheer numbers of my photographs have shifted dramatically to food photography.  Over half of my photography is now dedicated to food.  While I continue to enjoy many genres of photography, food photography now has a distinct purpose for me.  Having a purpose and focus for my photography is both motivating my work and by virtue of raw numbers, improving my photography.

Venezuelan Pepito-2

While I had expected this shift in raw photography volume was occurring, it did not really hit me until I set out to write this post.  While considering a topic and looking for new photos ready to post, I realized that everything in the on-deck circle was food photography.  Having realized that food photography had executed a bloodless coup, I decided to run with it.  I’m certainly not giving up on the rest of my preferred subjects and ongoing projects, but for today we have food photography.

Shrimp Pot Stickers with Ginger-Lemon Sauce

The next step to improving my food photography will be the addition of new lighting gear.  At present I am getting decent results using a couple of home-spun diffusion rigs and basic work lights you find at a home improvement store.  While adequate, this gear is not very flexible, and the lights present a few challenges with color correction.  I’m not unhappy, but know I can do better.

2009 Cupcake Red Velvet and Gorgonzola Juicy Lucy-1

I hope to add two or three strobes with soft boxes in the near future.  With this gear I hope to improve the flexibility in setting up shots, enhance portability, address the color correction issue, and gain greater control over the amount and quality of the light.

Korean Taco

In the mean time, I will be dreaming and researching the best approach to strobe lighting for food photography.  Be sure I will let you know when it happens and will be talking about the results.

Beef on Weck - Lamb on Weck-1

Finally, if you want to read about the food you see in this post, along with wine pairings and recipes, please visit Craig’s Grape Adventure.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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