Friday, October 28, 2011

Chocolate Crème Brulee Action Photography

Creme Brulee-7

As I close out the final punch list to complete my soon to be released eBook “Craig’s Grape Adventure; Loving Life with a Skillet and a Corkscrew,” I am photographing several the recipes I failed to shoot on the first go around.  Stay tuned to my other bog, Craig’s Grape Adventure, for announcement of publication. 

Last night I prepared and photographed an open faced steak sandwich with grated celery root and leek, and truffle macaroni and cheese.  Chef Sue decided to contribute to the meal by preparing chocolate crème brulee.

Creme Brulee-8

I always try to include some “action” photography when shooting for Craig’s Grape Adventure.  This is not an easy task as I play both the role of chef and photographer.  It is complicated further because the lighting in our kitchen is not ideal for photography.  The kitchen is not large enough to both cook and set up lighting, so I am stuck with a combination of natural light from the windows and the installed lighting.

Creme Brulee-6

The amount, or level of light is adequate, but the lighting comes from several sources, each having a different temperature.  First we have natural light from the windows.  Add to that the halogen lights installed under the cupboards and the range top surface light.  Finally, the overhead lights are compact fluorescent.  The various light temperatures are a challenge, but can be handled in post processing with just a bit of difficulty.

Creme Brulee-5

The chocolate crème brulee photography was made easier by bringing the chilled bowls to the dining room table for caramelizing the sugar.  With my food photography lighting rig around the table (doesn’t everyone have a dining room table photo studio?) I was better equipped to control the quantity and quality of the lighting.

Creme Brulee-9

Check back soon at Craig’s Grape Adventure for the chocolate crème brulee recipe and wine pairing.

Have fun, and go make some great photography.


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