Thursday, March 3, 2011

Arizona Desert Landscapes


While not a big fan of deserts (meaning I don’t want to live there – I have completely turned to city dweller), Arizona is a landscape photographers dream.  The combination of tremendously large vistas (unlike the three block visibility of my DC neighborhood), bold colors, and interesting features make for easy photographic hunting.

Desert Highway

The three shots featured here are in the neighborhood of Sierra Vista, and Tombstone Arizona (home of the OK Corral).

Main Street at OK Corral

Each of the photographs featured here are HDR.  The value of using 3 or 5 shot HDR in these circumstances was the ability to shoot into the sun while pulling out some shadow details (second two photographs), and to capture the richness of the colors as the sun sets (first photograph).  These photographs are reasonably good examples of using HDR to recover details in the shadows/highlights without introducing the cotton candy look common to some HDR photography.

Have fun and go make some great photography.


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