Saturday, July 24, 2010

Return to Petra

Petra Jordan
I have not finished processing all the photos from my first trip to Petra, Jordan (Sneak Preview of Petra Jordan, and Petra in Motion), and d I made a second trip again just yesterday.  Two very good friends (Sean and Steve) were visiting for the weekend so we spent the day hiking through Petra.  Petra is such an incredible place that I am quite sure I could visit another 50 times and still not see everything.   I would also not run out of great subjects to photograph.
Petra Jordan-2
I am in a bit of a time crunch, so can’t provide much commentary.  However, I at least wanted to make the effort, and get these photos posted for your enjoyment.  I have a number of great shots from yesterday, and promise to post more from Petra.
 Petra Jordan-4
From a photographic standpoint, the one point of interest regarding these shots, is that they were not taken with my Canon 5D DSLR.  Each of these were taken with my Canon G10.  In general, the shots were taken in aperture priority mode, ISO 100, and an f-stop of 8.0.
Petra Jordan-3
Petra Jordan-5
Have fun, and go make some great photography!

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