Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Fireworks Wrap up from Piney Point Maryland

Floating Palm Tree
In my last post I suggested some tips for fireworks photography.  This post is a wrap up of the 4th of July weekend and a few of my shots from the festivities of last night.
Unlike other forms of photography, shooting fireworks is truly a matter of experimenting as light conditions change, and timing (sometimes known as luck).  The key to fostering luck (and timing) is anticipating the next launch, and shooting – a lot.
Crazy Palm Tree
Another key aspect of this photography, as is the case with all photography, is composition.  For these shots I was fortunate to have the beach and waterline as a leading line, some foreground activity, the subject (fireworks), and some background explosions to add interest to the scene.
I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day celebrations and had the chance to do some shooting.
Have fun and go make some great photography.

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