Friday, October 22, 2010

Revisiting Photos–Time Can Help

Aqaba Beach

I have written several times about my workflow and the fact that my photographs usually get several reviews, often at times quite distant from each other.  So here is an example.

In January, I posted a somewhat snarky entry “I Don’t Shoot Sunsets (Except in Aqaba Jordan).”  The photos featured in this post are the same photos I posted in January…except that they have gone through another round of editing.

Sunset Pool at Intercontinental in Aqaba

In addition to catching a couple of spots from sensor dust, time away from the photos have given me a slightly different approach.  For the most part, the revisit resulted in some desaturation, lowering the contrast a tad, and a bit of color correction.  In summary, a more subtle approach than my first round of editing

Aqaba Sunset Pool

I provide this example along with an endorsement to not hurry through your post - processing.  In addition to suffering from tired eyes, your photos can suffer from the difficulty of removing yourself from the emotions tied to the time and place the photo was shot.  Time helps a great deal in overcoming these challenges.

Have fun, and be patient with your images.


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