Monday, February 15, 2010

Oman Part II: Al Nuway and Khutwa

Gardens at Khutwa-3
This is my second set of photographs from Al Nuway and Khutwa Oman.  See “Oman – A Fort, A Wadi, and Falaj” for part one and some context for these photographs.  In presenting these photographs I am breaking one of my closely adhered rules – keep the collection consistent…in as many ways as is possible.
House at Khutwa
In other words, one aspect of consistency is my preference to present a set of all color photographs in a collection, or a set of black and white.  Mixing the two tends to confuse the collection and detracts from the feel or story told as a group of related photographs.
Window at Khutwa
There are probably times when there is good reason to combine black/white and color in a single collection.  There may be an element of contrast, or a part of the story that is best told in either manner of presentation.
Door at Khutwa
This small collection fits no good “general” reason that I can think of for mixing color and black/white.  So why did I do it?  Simply put, I liked the flow of the photographs.  The road in the second photograph mimics the flow of vegetation in the first photograph.  the window in the third flows from the window in the second.  Moving from a dilapidated window to the door of an abandoned home is an easy transition.  Finally after zooming into a window and a door, we take a step back to see everything in context.
Fort at Al Nuway Omman-2
I have no idea whether this logic makes sense to you, but it worked for me in putting this small collection together.  And although I have mixed color and B/W in a single collection, I think it still works.
Have fun and go make some great photography.

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