Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Best Camera – Win number 2

Heathrow Rail
I cheat on the love of my life…and I hate to think what my Canon 5D would think if it knew I were photographing with my iPhone.  This is not my first confession of this transgression – three other posts about my infidelity with my iPhone can be found by following this link.
This entry revisits the iPhone because for the second time, my peers on “The Best Camera” recognized one of my photographs (the one featured at the top of this post).  I don’t take this too seriously, because I don’t take my iPhone photography too seriously.  In other words, I generally don’t plan a day of shooting with my iPhone.  However, because it is always with me, I take quite a few photographs with my iPhone and send most of them to “The Best Camera".”  Mostly, these are random things that catch my attention and do not represent any form of intention…just things I see.
You can see more of my iPhone photography on my portfolio on
Have fun and go make some great photography…with whatever camera you happen to have with you.

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